Eagle Firefighter Calendar

Please note, 2014 Calendars have been sold out. Thank you very much for supporting the Burnout Fund by purchasing our calendars. When our next calendar is produced, it will be available directly from Until then, if you wish to donate to the Eagle Fire Department Burnout Fund, please take your cash donation directly to the Eagle Fire Department at: 966 E Iron Eagle Drive, Eagle Idaho, 83616. (Click here for map.)

"As a firefighter, my foremost responsibility is to come to the aid of people having the worst day of their lives. Car wrecks, medical emergencies, house fires; whatever the call, it undoubtedly leaves scars on its victims. Some scars are readily visible, telling a piece of a story to anyone who sees them. Many others are hidden, not at all physical, but this doesn't minimize their impact.

I, too, carry the scars of the worst day of my life. On new year's day, 1997, I was burned in a house fire while visiting my dad, stepmom, and little brother for the holidays. My folks lost their home; next to nothing was salvageable. I received third degree burns on 47 percent of my body, chest, arms, hands and face. I spent a month in the hospital's burn unit. These losses, though painful, could be managed. The devastating loss was my brother, Tommy. We weren't able to find him and get him out. He was three years old.

I want to thank you, personally, for buying this calendar. Your contribution benefits the Burnout Fund, which allows us to financially assist people in crisis—people having the worst day of their lives. No matter how hard we fight a fire or how much we can give to the survivors, there are always scars. Thank you for helping us to minimize the scars of those we serve."

Stephen Tyler

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